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Queen City Magazine: Spring '17

It's finally here . . . . . I'm so excited to announce that Queen City Magazine is now a PRINT publication. Since the website launch last fall, I've worked hard and prayed about the direction of this venture and God made possible, what I had written off as impossible. 

Royal Tea Party + Spring Brunch

SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, April 30th 2017 at 1pm for the Royal Tea Party + Spring Brunch

It's that time again!  Join me and my stylish gal pal friends for the 4th annual Royal Tea Party + Spring Brunch hosted at the luxurious Hampton Inn and Suites on Sunday, April 30th beginning at 1pm. I'm so elated to host my annual brunch once more and I encourage you to attend.  The event will feature fabulous dressed women, breath-taking scenery, and gracious gifts. 

Branding Beaute

As many of you know, or have come to learn, my business is 3 fold, consisting of Branding - Beaute - and Brassieres.  Essentially what that means is that I do alot . . . . a whole lot, lol.  One of my most passionate areas is my focus on branding and the visual representation that my business, and my clients put forth.  Last weekend, my client, Mug Mane, celebrated the official launch of their brand with a Beards and Babes Day Party at Club One CLT and it was a HUGE hit!

Blushing with Love

Valentine's Day is officially here and the celebration of courtly love is being plastered all over social media with balloons, candies, hearts, and flowers.  For many of us singles, it's just another day (really not a big deal to me although I love love, I'm just not in it), BUT if I were cerebrating in the festivities with a special someone, here's what I would have wore.

It's a date!

Valentine's Day is fastly approaching, and for many of us single's it's just another day to remind us that we're NOT in a relationship.  But this year, let's do something different, let's not be content in the fact that we don't have a date, but let's go on a date.  Matter of fact, let's go on several dates!

Elle Johnson Co. Skin Care

Hey, hey, hey everyone!  I have a special announcement to make on today, as I've been working behind the scenes on this project for some time now.  Introducing . . . . . . Elle Johnson Co. Skin Care!  My very own line of botanical based luxury skin care developed for all skin tones and types.